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    Be removed from the body. The time taken for digestion is greatly dependent upon the type of food you consume. Steak takes about 3 to 5 days for digestion. Similarly, white flour foods also take a longer time to get completely eliminated from the body. High fiber foods like fruits and vegetables can be easily digested by the body. Knowing the time taken for digestion by your body is essential to predict your general health. If you are passing stools too often, it means your body is not absorbing sufficient nutrients. Similarly, if your body takes too long to excrete waste materials, it puts you in danger of colon diseases, the wastes stay inside the colon for long. You can check your digestion time by eating 3 to 4 beets in your meal. Since you should be able to calculate the end to end time. If you pass loose stools, you may try incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. The fibers in these foods absorb the water in loose stools. High fiber diet is also a remedy for constipation as.


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